The use of high tech nutrition in this context, is not the treatment of a disease or even a prevention of a disease. In addition, Functional Nutrition, Light Therapy, Nano Sciences, help everyone, especially those in this Fibro category.


Phyto-Nutrients, mini-Nano minerals, yeast flushing, gut microbe, all help the body do what it does best.

Note, these do not replace physical therapy, exercise, massage, counseling, or any other therapy or medical assistance that a person may employ to help them improve their situation. Rather, the above are tools that can be used to nourish and restore important systems in your body to help them work as best they can.

Therefore, the goal for anyone is to help them maintain and improve the structure and function of their body. In addition, individuals in the walking wounded category, often need to improve their diets, their lifestyles, their stress management skills, and apply various medical strategies, etc.

For any person trying to make improvements, the “multi-tool approach” is best! Tools that help are the science based applications of Nutrition using Liposomal Delivery Systems, Nano Minerals, Anti-Permeation Gut Regimes, Nerve Support and awareness of the Dorsal Horn…… all are tools in the toolbox.


We can take our bodies for granted. Then, one day we’re in trouble. Individuals with Fibromyalgia need to learn a great deal about nutrition and body function. Don’t be discouraged. Just get started! Longevity Health & Wellness is Here to Help!

Learn more as you have the energy to do so. My goal is to help you apply ALL the tools in the “Tool box.” In a short time you will understand your body and learn practical steps that you can take to help it all work as it should.
Yes, moving the body toward Homeostasis.

I have been gratified and touched to the heart, that over the years, I have had a high level of success, helping those suffering from Fibromyalgia.

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