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Eb and Flows of Fibromyalgia

Think of the body via the nervous system as out of balance. The day to day restoration, that we normally have after a good night sleep is missing. We are not ready to go and restored. Normal body system parameters are operating in a range to where we cannot get things done. In contrast, when we wake up energetic, restored, and without pain, all of the body functions are working efficiently and life is good! Liver has restored. Lymph system has cleared. Muscles are filled with glycogen. The science word for this would be Homeostasis. How does this fit in with Fibromyalgia?

Does This Fell Like YOU?

Fibromyalgia essentially means that your muscles hurt too much. Fatigue, pain and not sleeping well. You run out of gas and start hurting when doing normal activity. Additionally, you have very poor stress tolerance, and your nerves feel wound up like a tight spring. Your ability to exercise and get a good response from exercise is typically impaired. Also, the less exercise you do the worse you tend to feel.

The Setup – Early-On Trigger Point

Usually, Fibromyalgia is triggered by some form of overload. This could be an accident, injury (especially whiplash car injury), illness, acute trauma, prolonged ongoing stress, or pregnancy. In ones younger years, traumas of one type or another, increase the risk that a current stress could set off the series of issues referred to as Fibromyalgia. This is the trigger point for a series of negative health issues. The systems in your body are not bouncing back with a good nights sleep.

“I’m Dragging”  Like being Hit By a Truck!

Bad Fibromyalgia feels like your body has been run hit by a truck! Another Illustration, how about, how you feel after days of fighting the flu. But you are not sick with the flu. For others, it feels like you just finished running a marathon. Some people have very mild Fibro symptoms and others have serious difficulty making it through the day. On average, body symptoms ebb and flow on various days. But, the person with Fibromyalgia knows that a major power outage is coming! The accompanying muscle pain can set in at any time from even doing too much “normal” activity.

Fibro First Defined and Recognized……

The American College of Rheumatology first explanation. Fibromyalgia defined as widespread body pain lasting at least 3 months with 11 of 18 sore tender points. Prior to this, the very same patients were told that their problems were all mental and to take an antidepressant. Such callous disregard for what patients were telling their doctors became politically incorrect. Thus, a label of Fibromyalgia became the new wastebasket diagnosis for just about anyone with this outcry! This convenient description of symptoms continues to this day. Hence, doctors still prescribe antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and pain pills in an effort to assist those in need.

Functional Science – Functional Nutrition

For over a decade now, I have been helping such people improve the structure and function of their muscles, nerves, and natural detoxification systems. Hence, the use of high tech nutrition in this context, is not the treatment of a disease or even a prevention of a disease. In addition, Functional Nutrition, Light Therapy, Nano Sciences, help everyone, especially those in this Fibro category.

Resolution – The Plan Summary

Phyto-Nutrients, mini-nano minerals, yeast flushing, gut microbe, Vagus Nerve Signaling, and Cold Laser Therapy, Dorsal Horn considerations, all help the body do what it does best. Note, these do not replace physical therapy, exercise, massage, counseling, or any other therapy or medical assistance that a person may employ to help them improve their situation. Rather, the above are tools that can be used to nourish, adjust and restore important systems in your body to help them work as best they can.

Therefore, the goal for anyone is to help them maintain and improve the structure and function of their body. In addition, individuals in the walking wounded category, often need to improve their diets, their lifestyles, their stress management skills, and apply various medical strategies, etc. For any person trying to make improvements, the “multi-tool approach” is best! Tools that help are the science based applications of Nutrition, Liposomal Delivery Systems, Nano Minerals, Cold Laser, Anti-Permeation Gut Regimes, Nerve Regeneration and Molecular Changes at the Dorsal Horn…… all are tools in the toolbox.

We are Here to Help

We all take how our bodies work for granted. Then, one day we’re in trouble. Individuals with Fibromyalgia need to learn a great deal about nutrition and body function.  Don’t be discouraged. Just get started! Longevity Health & Wellness is Here to Help!

Learn more as you have the energy to do so. My goal is to help you apply ALL the tools in the “Tool box.” In a short time you will understand your body and learn practical steps that you can take to help it all work as it should.
Yes, moving the body toward Homeostasis.

I have been gratified and touched to the heart, that over the years, I have had a high level of success, helping those suffering from Fibromyalgia.

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