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ProPur Best Over-All Filter to Cost

The ZeroWater water filter is Excellent, but constant filter changes ramps up Cost FAST! Propur New 3 : 1  IS WINNER for over-all Water Quality to Cost

ZeroWater Stands out!

Astonishingly, ZeroWater removed 100% of several elements Aluminum, Strontium and Cesium. In addition,removing over 99% of of Heavy Metals, including lead and arsenic.

This performance is virtually unheard of in water filtration technologies!

One Small Drawback……If Your Counting Penny’s

The only drawback of ZeroWater filters is that they can quickly be “used up” and need changing. So, 50-75 gallons filtered Vs 100.

The ZeroWater ion exchange element binds with virtually ALL elements. Thus, its life will be reduced if you run high TDS, Total Dissolved Solids.
Nevertheless, because of its impressive performance, ZeroWater earns our choice as the single best countertop water filter to own for daily, camping or emergency use. It very effectively removes toxic heavy metals as well as elements with radioactive isotopes.
ZeroWater performs so well that we wish we offered it for sale, but we don’t because it’s already available everywhere at retail.

Actual results for the ZeroWater water filter:
Aluminum reduction: 100%     Copper reduction: 99.1%   Arsenic reduction: 99.3%   Strontium reduction: 100%   Cadmium reduction: 99.2%   Cesium reduction: 100%   Mercury reduction: 99.4%   Lead reduction: 99.2%   Uranium reduction: 99.1%

More Brands Tested Below – Variations Chart

As these laboratory tests show, the performance of off-the-shelf gravity water filters varies significantly.

Both the Big Berkey and Zen Water Systems units performed very well. They removed almost 100% of the toxic elements tested. Both units were easy to assemble and performed reliably during testing.

Crystal Drop and Doulton filters turned in the poorest performance of all. Not best for the removal of toxic elements or heavy metals from water.

All-In-One- ProPur Filters

As the water filter testing was taking place for this report, ProPur introduced new “All-in-One” filters which were advertised as adding a fluoride reduction capability.

Thus, the test started with a set of the tall “All-in-One” filters. This was necessary in order to compare more realistically with the Big Berkey filter, which was tested with attached arsenic / fluoride filters.
The test results of the ProPur All-in-One filtration elements showed a Amazing improvement in filtration results. On Average, Propur removes 86% of Birth Control Pills, Hormones, Cancer causing Pesticides and Fluoride. Low Fluoride,  protects the  Thyroid from this family of harmful Halogens and less Neuro harm to the Brain!    Purchase Propur Here

Reduction of elements by the ProPur Water Filter (All-in-One filters):
Aluminum: 61.3%   Copper: 92.4%   Arsenic: 61.6%   Strontium: 6.1%   Cadmium: 75.3%   Cesium: 20.2%
Mercury: 99.1%   Lead: 96.1%   Uranium: 91.5%

The new All-in-One filters seem to have solved the problems of both lead and aluminum being emitted. In addition, the new filters exhibited improved performance at removing arsenic by 61.6% and
lead by 96.1%.

What does the Propur ProOne G2.0 filter element remove?

This is what impressed me the most about Propur. An independent lab tested the ProOne G2.0 filter element for all kinds of contaminants. The results show that the filter eliminates all or almost all of the following:

  • volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants
  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • disinfectants and inorganic non-metallic contaminants (including chlorine, chloramine and fluoride)
  • herbicides
  • microcystins
  • bacteria and viruses
  • radiological contaminants
  • microplastics

Propur is one of the best filters for lead removal. The lab data shows that it removes 100% of lead. That’s impressive!

As far as “good” minerals go, the filter reduces calcium somewhat (about 81%), but it does not remove any magnesium and only 2.5% of potassium. Thus, Excellent Heart Calcification Prevention.


Filtration to Cost Ratio Propur Excels. Example: Zero Water Picture has to be loaded 4 times for 1 picture of Water and the $35 Filter has to be changed every 25-30 fills for $35. Propur give you 160 fills for $35
Purchase Propur Here

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“Iodine-Hormone Balance”.

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